Marriage - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

Find the Catholic Church closest to your home and contact a priest there to begin the process.
No, but you must obtain a letter from your local parish giving you permission to marry in another parish. This letter becomes part of your marriage file.
It is not mandatory in the United States, although it is in most of the rest of the world. Since it completes your Sacraments of Initiation as a Catholic, it is encouraged before marriage.
Be sure you start this process as soon as possible. Once your file is complete, your parish priest will send your marriage file to the Chancellor’s Office at the Administrative Offices for the Diocese of Brooklyn for review and stamping of approval. It is then sent to the diocese where you are getting married. They review it, stamp their approval and send it on to the Catholic Church where you will be getting married. The Chancellor’s Office needs at least three months to get the paperwork stamped, sealed and sent out to another country if you are not getting married in the United States.
If you and your future spouse are both Catholic and parishioners of the same parish, it stays in the parish marriage files. In other instances, please call the Chancellor’s Office at (718) 399-5990.
A Catholic wedding must be held in a Catholic Church before a priest and two witnesses.
No, only people may take part in this sacred ceremony.