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Click the Register button above for Living and Leading by Faith Catechist Formation courses, Catechetical Leaders Professional Development courses, My Catholic Faith Delivered online courses, other online courses, Adult Faith Formation courses, workshops, special events offered locally in Brooklyn and Queens, and many other formation opportunities. These are found on the calendar page that appears after you click register. Once on the calendar page, choose from Local Courses/Events, Online Classes or Other Online Programs.


Welcome to this website for the School of Evangelization Online Learning and Leadership Formation. We are reminded that in the Scriptures people from every walk of life came to hear Jesus. We are all called to be people of the New Evangelization. As you move through the site, we encourage you to take note of the many educational and formational opportunities offered both locally here in Brooklyn and Queens and in a digital format online, to register or apply for those programs, courses or events that are of interest to you, and most importantly to hear the Word of God and proclaim it. Be sure to register using the online registration system, powered by My Catholic Faith Delivered, and note any particular details related to your program, course, event, or meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification.

We can only provide a refund if the School of Evangelization cancels the course or event.

May God give us strength and joy!

Mr. Theodore Musco
Executive Director, School of Evangelization
Director, Office of Faith Formation

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